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Planning our network

Annual Planning Report

Each year we conduct a 10-year look ahead of Tasmania's electricity network and report the findings in our Annual Planning Report (APR). We look at things like forecast electricity consumption, the performance of the network, current and emerging network constraints and the future supply-demand outlook of our customers. The resulting APR identifies actions we expect to be required during the next 10 years to ensure the network will meet customer needs and performance obligations.

Our Annual Planning Report 2023 (PDF) and Annual Planning Report Summary 2023 (PDF) provide a 10 year look ahead at Tasmania’s electricity network.

The Annual Planning Report Addendum 2024 (PDF) is now available. It outlines key developments for the Marinus Link project and North West Developments since the publication of our 2023 Annual Planning Report.

Have your say on our Annual Planning Report

We welcome feedback on our APR. We're particularly interested in discussing opportunities from interested parties to participate in demand management or other innovative solutions to manage network constraints. Please send your feedback to planning.enquiries@tasnetworks.com.au

Our transmission network strategy

Our transmission network strategy

Find out how we’re powering Tasmania’s energy future.

Distribution loss factors

Distribution loss factors refer to the amount of energy lost to the distribution system while meeting our customers’ power needs. Our methodology is below.

Substation load information

Each year we publish load data for each of our substations. These reports cover the following periods:

  • 10-year substation report – 1 January 2004 to 31 December 2013 (we don't have data available for early in this period for all substations)
  • Annual substation reports – 1 January to 31 December for each year from 2014

Our reporting year aligns with the calendar year: 1 January to 31 December. Annual substation reports are available from 1 February of the coming year. The reports are provided in CSV format and the load information provided is at a substation level for load supplied to the sub-transmission and distribution networks only. It doesn't include information from Huon River and Newton substations for reasons of confidentiality of the customer supplied from them. The information is presented as real (MW) and reactive (MVAr) power, with the exception of some sites and is provided as an average at half-hourly intervals.