Wildlife Incident Reporting Form

It's important to let us know about any incident involving wildlife and our electrical infrastructure.

By filling out this form, you can help us gather important information about how wildlife interacts with our network. We maintain over 20,000km of powerlines, so we need the data to help us identify high-risk areas and reduce the risk of incidents involving wildlife and our infrastructure.

If you're aware of an incident involving a threatened species, please call us on 132 004 immediately, in addition to filling out this form. Threatened species include: Wedge-Tailed eagles, White-bellied sea eagles and Grey Goshawks.

If you've come across an injured animal in need of assistance, please contact Bonorong's 24-hour Wildlife Rescue Service on 0447 264 625 (0447 ANIMAL).

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Contact details of person lodging this report


Incident Details


Please be specific as possible - refer to the six digit pole identification number on the closest pole, which can be located on the metal tag on the pole, as well as the easting-northing (GPS) location, if known.

Please provide contact details for witnesses/other people involved: