CONSORT Bruny Island Battery Trial

TasNetworks is a member of CONSORT (CONSumer energy systems providing cost-effective grid suppORT), which also comprises Reposit Power, The Australian National University, The University of Sydney and University of Tasmania.

The CONSORT Bruny Island Battery Trial is an ARENA-funded research project that will address how batteries can be used by householders to manage their energy while assisting in the management of current network constraints. During the trial, approximately 40 battery storage systems will be installed in homes on Bruny Island.

The batteries will include groundbreaking energy management software that allows homeowners to sell their power back to the grid. This technology will help actively keep the network within voltage and capacity limits, reducing the reliance on diesel generation during peak season, enabling battery owners and networks to work together to maximise the value of solar energy

Bruny Island has been chosen for the Trial because of the nature of the electricity network on the island, the regular demand peaks that occur during holiday periods and because a deployment of batteries of this size can make a real and measurable difference. Bruny Island has a good solar resource by global standards, better than many locations around the world where solar energy has been successful. Bruny Island presents a fantastic opportunity to “teach” the rest of Australia (and beyond) how batteries should be put to their best use in future.

Households that participate in the CONSORT Bruny Island Battery Trial will be provided with a large subsidy to install solar power and a "smart" battery storage system. Participating households will then be able to generate solar power for their own immediate use, store it for later use and sell it back to the grid when the electricity network needs it (or even possibly when the wholesale cost of electricity is high). 

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