CablePI recall

CablePI is an electrical safety sensor designed to detect a potentially life-threatening fault known as a broken neutral. It's provided free of charge and has been distributed to over 240,000 small businesses and households since it was launched in 2009. 

Due to a manufacturing defect, we initiated a voluntarily recall of all CablePI devices made in 2013 and distributed between December 2013 and June 2014. We assure customers CablePI devices that are not from the 2013 batch are safe and operational. 

Customers can check if their device is from the defective batch by lookin at the serial number on the bottom of the device, as shown below. If your serial number ends in 13, your should immediately stop using the device and order a free replacement by calling us on 132 004 or filling in our online form.

The CablePI device is provided free of charge to our customers and has been distributed to over 240,000 small businesses and households since it was launched in 2009. 

CablePI recall FAQs

Are these faulty devices dangerous?

The defect in the device can cause the CablePI to smoke or ignite. While the risk of this happening is small, we've initiated a voluntary recall of all devices made in 2013.

How many devices are being recalled?
4362 devices are being targeted in the recall. This is a small percentage of the 240,000 devices delivered across Tasmania. It’s important to note CablePI has been in use in Tasmania for almost 5 years and has detected over 3400 faults to date, including 190 potentially life-threatening broken neutrals.

When did you become aware of this problem?
Testing was carried out by an independent party and a report confirming the manufacturing defect was received in mid-September 2015 at which point we made it our highest priority to notify our customers.

What are you doing about it?
We've contacted all customers that received a CablePI device between December 2013 and June 2014 to provide a new device and a reply paid envelope for the return of the suspect device. 

How can I tell if I have a suspect device?
Both on the box the device came in and on the back of the device near the bottom is a sticker with a six-digit number. This number is the date of manufacture in DDMMYY format. Any device ending in 13 like 110813 should be returned to us.

I have a XXXX13 device, what should I do?
If you haven't been contacted by us, unplug the device and call 1300 361 811 (between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday) to arrange a replacement. We'll send you a replacement and a reply paid envelope to return the suspect device. Please don't discard or dispose of your device as we require all of them to be returned to us.

Can I be sure the replacement CablePI or others manufactured at other times are safe to use?
All replacement devices have been extensively tested to ensure their suitability for use. The manufacturing defect has been confined to a limited production run and independent testing has shown that the fault has not occurred in other batches.

Will you send someone around to ensure the powerpoint the faulty device was plugged into is OK?
There's no reason to send anyone to your house unless your CablePI device alarms. We do ask you follow our instructions and replace any device ending in the numbers 13 with the new one that was sent to you.  Please call 132 004 in the event of a CablePI alarm or if you have any safety concerns.

Why do I have to send my device back to you? Why can’t I just throw it out?

As part of the recall process, we're required to account for all Cable PI devices that were manufactured in 2013. If you no longer have your device, please phone us on 1300 361 811 (between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday) to confirm so we can keep our records up to date.