CablePI FAQs

About CablePI

What will a CablePI do?

The CablePI device detects changes that indicate the presence of a broken neutral and if found activates an alarm that will alert the householder to the possible fault. It does not cut off the power.

How do I get a CablePI?

To request a device fill in our online form or call 132 004.

What will it cost?

CablePI is free to all our customers.

Who do I call for general enquiries and where do I get more information about my CablePI?

View more information about CablePI or call 132 004.

Will the CablePI damage or affect other devices or appliances?

The CablePI has no effect on other appliances.

What is the lifespan of the CablePI?

The CablePI is built to last between five and 10 years. If you have any doubt about the reliability of your CablePI call us on 132 004.

Broken neutral

How does a broken neutral occur?

Broken neutrals can be caused by a range of events such as storm damage (where for example tree branches may touch wires) vehicles hitting power poles and accidental disturbance of overhead or underground power lines. Even wear and tear from the wind can cause the neutral to break.

What dangers do broken neutrals pose?

Broken neutrals are potentially life threatening. They have the capacity to direct dangerous voltages into household appliances or plumbing fixtures. There are a number of cases of electric shocks experienced each year in Tasmania as a result of broken neutrals.

CablePI in your home

What do I do if the alarm goes off on my CablePI?

Immediately contact us on 132 004. Tell the operator you have a CablePI. Report the alarm and then follow the advice and instructions provided.

What does it tell me?

When it's working correctly it will show a solid green light. An alarm or flashing amber light indicates a problem.

Where do I plug in my CablePI?

The CablePI is best placed in a high traffic or noticeable area within the house such as a hallway or living or dining rooms.

Do I leave the CablePI on all the time?

Yes. As a broken neutral can occur at any time without prior warning the CablePI should remain plugged in and turned on at all times much like a smoke alarm should be left on at all times.

What if the CablePI is faulty or damaged?

To request a new device fill in our online form or phone 132 004. This will be forwarded free of charge. Approximately five days after a request has been submitted you should receive your new device and a reply paid envelope will be provided in order to send the faulty device back to us.

If the alarm goes off is the CablePI safe to touch?

Yes, but remember there may be dangerous situations in your home. Call us immediately on 132 004.

How do I know if my CablePI no longer works?

No lights or more than one light flashing and a chirping indicates the device may not be operating correctly. To request a new device fill in our online form or phone 132 004.