Solar meter programming issue FAQs


TasNetworks Solar Metering Replacement Program has hit the halfway mark, three weeks ahead of schedule.

Up to 20 July, 4167 meters have been exchanged against the initial target of 8209 exchanges. The average reimbursement to customers has been $209.

Information on the issue has been direct mailed to all solar customers, shared on our website, social media sites and in the media but there is still plenty of work to do and meters to be replaced.

TasNetworks will continue to communicate directly with all solar customers to let them know whether their solar meter is affected, and what action TasNetworks will be undertaking to resolve the issue.

The business has received positive feedback from customers on the upfront and honest communications regarding the meter replacements.

For more information see the FAQ section below.

What has happened? 
TasNetworks has identified that a specific type of solar meter, is incorrectly displaying the amount of energy customers are exporting back into the network. So although the meter has been recording the correct amount of export, it has not been displaying the correct read for our meter readers. Customers with this specific type of meter may not have been receiving the full credits they are entitled to for the energy their household is exporting to TasNetworks’ distribution grid.

Which meters are affected?
Impacts are limited to a type of two-element meter with a specific program, installed after 30 March 2011. Two-element meters installed prior to 30 March 2011 and all one-element meter installations are correctly recording and displaying the electricity exported by the solar panels for our meter readers. Customers with these meters have been receiving the correct credits and therefore have received the correct payment for their exported energy.

How will the issue be resolved?
TasNetworks will be working as quickly as possible to remove and replace all affected solar meters. Affected customers will receive a letter to notify them of when the solar meter exchange will take place and there will be a short interruption to their power supply at that time. 

How will the reimbursement be calculated?
Once an affected customer's solar meter is removed, all relevant readings will be retrieved in order to calculate the reimbursement, plus any applicable interest.  This calculation is based on the actual readings, and will not be estimated. Once the calculations have been completed TasNetworks will promptly send the customer a cheque for the total amount due.

How much will affected customers be reimbursed?
TasNetworks is unable to provide an estimate of the reimbursement plus applicable interest.  This will be dependent on a range of factors, including the date a customer's solar meter was connected, the customer's power usage and the size of the customer's solar generation system.  In some instances, reimbursement may be minimal in cases where the majority of the electricity produced by the customer's solar system has been used within their home. However, we can assure customers that their solar meters are still collecting all the required data and that they will be reimbursed for any exported energy for which they have not been receiving full credit for.

Are all electricity meters affected?
No. The issue only relates to the export display reading on a number of two-element meters installed since 30 March 2011, and with a specific type of program installed.

What do customers need to do?
Customers do not need to do anything. TasNetworks will communicate directly with all solar customers to let them know whether their solar meter is affected, and what action TasNetworks will be undertaking to resolve the issue.

How can customers find out more information?
We have established a hotline (1300 361 811) for customers who wish to know more in relation to this issue. Customers can also contact us by emailing TasNetworks via