Power outages and interruptions

Current power outages

Check our current outages. If your outage isn’t listed, please report it by calling us on 132 004.

Search power outages

Search via suburb or postcode for current outages.

Report an outage

Contacts for life threatening emergencies, fallen powerlines or to report a power outage.

Unplanned interruptions

Unplanned interruptions can occur due to events such as storms and accidents. We aim to repair these as quickly as possible.

Planned interruptions

Planned power interruptions occur so that we can work on the electricity network with minimum interference.

Power outage FAQs

Find out more about power outages - why they occur, why we can't always tell when the power goes out and more.

Claims for damage or loss of property

Please use this form to lodge your details about your claim for damage or loss of property and arrange for the appropriate documents to be posted to you.

Electrical safety and floods

Floodwaters can damage electrical installations. Find out what to do if your property has been affected.

Power outage safety and preparation

Find out more about how to safe during power outages and how to be prepared.

Life support customers

TasNetworks understands the importance of a continuous, reliable power supply for customers who require life support machines.